July 8, 2014  ⋅  Burke for Wisconsin

Mary Burke Bio Ad: “Working For You”

Working for you

Today, Mary Burke launched the first biographical TV ad of her campaign for Governor, “Working For You.” The 60 second spot lays out Burke’s qualifications and makes clear that she will be a Governor who works for the people of Wisconsin – not the big money special interests. Burke has spent the majority of her 30 year career in business, and is the only candidate for Governor who has created jobs, balanced a budget and met payroll in the private sector.

The ad will run in the Milwaukee, Green Bay/Appleton, Wausau, and Eau Claire/La Crosse media markets on broadcast and cable.

You can view the ad here: http://youtu.be/ariU8SImJpc

“Working For You”

Visual Audio
Red barn, still images from Trek then and now Burke: It was here in this small barn that my father had a big idea…Trek Bicycle
Burke in front of the red barn I’m Mary Burke and I’m proud to have helped build Trek into a great Wisconsin company where nearly a thousand people go to work everyday.
Scenes of the economy, and Trek But I also know that for too many the economy isn’t working as it should. Good jobs, like Trek’s, are hard to find and it’s a struggle paying the bills or saving a little. ┬áThat’s why I’m running for Governor. Because we can do better.
Exterior shot of the capitol in MadisonSUPER: Instead of petty politics Instead of the petty politics that make Madison a battle ground…
Burke leading, working with people …I’ll work everyday to bring people together, like I did in business.
School hallwaySUPER: Instead of more cuts to education- 2011 Wisconsin Act 32 Instead of more cuts to education…
Burke working with kidsSUPER:AVID/TOPS Program …I’ll make sure our kids have the skills and training they need to succeed. That’s what the program I started is doing for hundreds of students, everyday…
BoardroomSUPER:Instead of more breaks for special interests-Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau Memo, “Tax Law Changes since 2011,” April 30, 2014 And instead of more breaks for big money special interests…
Mary at the red barn …I’ll work for families like yours. Because you deserve a governor who puts you first. And that’s what I’ll do, everyday.
CARDMary BurkeRead the plan for Wisconsin: BurkeforWisconsin.comPAID FOR BY BURKE FOR WISCONSIN, SHEILA CONROY, TREASURER

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